Sporcle is home to millions of user created games. Any Sporcle user (Sporcler) is entitled to make up to 11 quizzes a month, with curators and editors entitled to make 25 a month.

User created quizzes may be published by Sporcle, that is, put on the Sporcle homepage. There are many factors that decide whether quizzes are put on the homepage, including the originality of the idea, the standard of the quiz, the source of the quiz, and how topical your quiz is. Two other forms of quiz recognition are Curator's Picks and Editor's Picks.

Quiz TypesEdit

There are three different quiz types available for standard users to make:

  • Classic
  • Clickable (including Matching)
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    Classic Quizzes

  • Slideshow

Classic QuizzesEdit

Classic quizzes are quizzes make the player input text in order to answer.

Clickable QuizzesEdit

Clickable quizzes are quizzes that have clickable answers. A form of clickable quizzes is matching quizzes, where there are two or more columns of answers to be matched up.

Slideshow QuizzesEdit

Slideshow quizzes are image quizzes that anyone can create, and are in the form of slides, as is once again sugessted by the name. Slideshows should not be confused with image quizzes, which are not available to standard users. Some editors, moderators and admin have access to this feature, as well as former editors.